Our Company

Who we are?

With the headquarter facility in the city of Queretaro (considered one of top 5 Manufacturing Hubs in Mexico), Drimo Plastics offers integrated plastic Injection Molding Solutions that complies not only with local but also with International requirements.

Experience & Capability

Through its commercial partners located in Central and Northern Mexico, Drimo Plastics has acquired more than 15 years of experience in diverse industries and sectors such as:

Among others and capabilities specialized in Tool & Mold fabrication as well as medium, small and micro injection molding products.

Drimo Plastics strives to offer costumers not only consistent quality and value in the product but also competitive prices driven by a built trust and transparency.

Drimo Plastics' engineer designing a precision plastic part in paper
Drimo Plastics' engineer with computer, reviewing plastic injection machine
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