Our Capabilities


Precision Plastic Parts

Drimo Plastics works closely with customers and shares its know how to accomplish clients’ expectations. With experience going from standard injection molding process to high complex processes such as MuCell, 2-component injection molding or insert and overmolded technology.

With our machine clamping capacities from 6 tons up to 500 tons we can supply a variety of plastic products.

Our Injection Molding capabilities are focused in two main product groups:

Black and blue precision plastic parts manufactured by Drimo Plastics
Precision plastic parts manufactured by Drimo Plastics

Mold Design & Manufacturing

Molds are crucial and play an important role when manufacturing a product not only in quality but also price wise; reason why Drimo Plastics assures that the molds are made considering the highest quality standards in the market.

With the advantage of having a commercial partner in Taiwan, Drimo Plastics provides a wide variety of molds at a very competitive pricing, maximizing the return on investment and providing with the best manufacturing efficiency.

High quality mold designed by Drimo Plastics
Mold for plastic parts manufacturing, designed by Drimo Plastics
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